Cuckold pregnancy part1 conception


I'm so glad with my new boyfriend. i'm a woman in love. he is hot, a gents and he is so insane in bed. he fuck me so superb and hard, and on top he manage to hold himself until we climax together. its like firework, we fuck hard and long..sweaty like hell, and in same moment i cum he shoot his fountain in my unprotected pussy..and that helps my orgasm much harder..forbidden fruit.. after i think about my husband and think perhaps i should not do that. but then we do it again and again....and his cock is perfect, very highly thick (very immense and firm but soft enough), cannot close my arm around it, fill me up. we romped every second day in my fertile period sans contraception and it makes me even more horney when i think about my poor husband who cannot stop this train. i also get horney when i come home to my hubby after my trysts and show my well porked cunny and make him gobble my paramours man chowder that may already found an egg... next week i'm going on a long weekend with my boyfriend (thursday to sunday). and i made sure to schedule in my most fertile time..i said no no to myself, but booked at the right time anyway. and yes, my hubby have one from another marriage, he will just have to accept if i also bring another into the marriage.. fuck i may be pregnant already.. btw, did not like the recordings of myself in this video, just desired to share my debate with my hubby. that said i get very horney by being exposed. hope my wild pussy is not too exposed. please tell me i'm not revealed

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