Entertaining hubby and some strangers he brought home


I was at home one afternoon and husband came in and said he dreamed me on the bed. i always like that so i undressed. he told me he had some guys outside that indeed liked the movies he showed them, but didn't want me to see their faces. he blinded me and put me on my back and inserted a stimulating egg inwards me. i could hear them coming into the room, but didn't care because i was getting really turned on. they watched me as i came the first time and then they all gathered around me and played with me. they throated my nipples and my clit and frigged me till i pleaded them to fuck me. from that point on i had one in my pussy and one in my jaws all afternoon. i never saw them, but after they left spouse told me they were close neighbors. he won't tell me which ones though and it's driving me insatiable every time someone smiles at me when i'm outside.

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